It might be too late but summary of EU trip

After the trip

Thank you everyone whom I met during the trip and also the people who supported and encouraged surrounding me for this EU trip.

To be honest with myself, Camino did not change inside of myself that much.

It more helped me to aware of myself than discovery.

I realized that my mentality is still wondering and uncertain sometimes….most of the time.

My mind always floats in many directions, depend on the place where I am, what I see, who I spend time with…
It is good and also the problem because I listen others opinion or value very well but on the other hand I get influence too much.

But even though my mind is fluctuating, I can tell that I was independent on Camino, making a plan of the path everyday, talking to my body and schedule, geographical feature of the path and the weather.

I realized that the way to travel for me, not sure where and what to do in advance, but follow my instinct or natural attraction I can get.

It was the real fan part of Camino, that you can organize the journey of each day but also you never know what you will experience that day.
Who you are going to meet, what kind of village you visit, what you smell, how the view is like? Even you can make a plan and read the explanation of the path from the book, you never know what you will get, what kind of encounter is waiting for you until you actually walk on the path.

It is quite hard to go back to the reality, it is also so much different from normal trip.
Only the one who experience knows how it feels like.

It is not good conclusion or review of the trip, sorry but I am like this,,,this is the way I am…

There are so many parts that I do not like myself, but that is me including everything.
I have to face with that reality and embrace all parts of me…

There are so many warm hearted people, unbelievably kind people, people full of love. It was great surprise for me to meet those great people. Keep in that in my heart, I will cultivate and enhance my personality.

“Buen Camino!”

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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。


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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。