How to make Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

Addictive Hiroshima Okonomiyaki recipe!

It is Hiroshima’s most common home-made food as well as restaurant menu. There are thousands of Okonomiyaki restaurant in Hiroshima, but each of them have their originality and also the customers have their own favourite shop that they frequently go.

It is not fancy types of cuisine, but it was recently recognised its uniqueness and also the taste by Michelin guidebook. Therefore, Okonomiyakiis not only Hiroshima’s local food, but also it will be the next world famous representative of Japanese cuisine!<

My grand mother used to run okonomiyaki shop near Hiroshima station. There is an old market and also small restaurant street near by.

When I was little, I was taken to that small restaurant see my grand mum and her frequent customers.
It is kind of social gathering place for old people. They used to buy me a ice cream with sweet red bean at the old sweet shop called Tamura.

It was a good olden day memory for me with Okonomiyaki.

But those market and old street have been disappearing. I visited that’s area 2 days ago. Luckily, even though my grand mum died and closed the shop, it was taken over by another owner and they are still running the restaurant.

However, all old cafe and sweet shopTamura were already destroyed. That place has changed so much from 10 years ago.

New baseball stadium has built and the atmosphere surround the station became lively but it also means business development are trying to destroy these old buildings and town and make a big shopping mall and Ikea…

That is the recent movement of Hiroshima town which is sad and boring, Hiroshima is loosing the identity which is only remained, and it is becoming the same city like all the other rest of the city in the world.

Now, it looks cleaner city than before, but that market is the symbol of recovery from the after the war.
The development will destroy one of the few building survived from the bomb. It will all disappear and turn into totally new city…

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finish! itadakimasu

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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。


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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。