9 th day

Today is the second final of the EU championship!
Everyone is watching TV and I am almost falling a sleep at living room in albergue.
We looked around the town to find reasonable albergue and found the last bed of the private albergue!
He owner is so glumly, I was told off twice about my laundry! Almost kicked out from there haha.
There were still some empty beds for the people who made a reservation. Then, here they came! Chez and Spanish gentle men! We met and stayed same town, same albergue for 4 nights without telling each other where we stay. Isn’t it amazing?
It was such a happy surprise when they showed up in the room!
But it would be the last day since these gentlemen will travel 5 more days to Santiago. We had a dinner and shot together and promised to see each other in Shimoku 88pilgrim walk!

It was a good walking day, finally rain stopped and the view was quite fluctuating. We passed the river, cannel, mountain and of course the wheat field continuing forever…
After we met in albergue, Calros showed me around the church with his guide. I could see and learn more about the history of the church and the architecture.
It is very nice to meet the other pilgrims again on the way or at albergue to admire each other’s effort and talk about the path of the day and the plan for tomorrow.
I started feeling that even when I walk alone, I am not walking alone with nature surround me, other pilgrims and the people care about me.

ずっと一緒に歩きたいわ !

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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。

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    キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。