Do not stand still, take an action.

I finished reading 20代の起業論 in the library at one go.

The author is CEO of venture funding company who have been supporting innovative young business entrepreneurs.

This book shows recent movement of venture business start up;

  • the recent venture company is established by an engineer himself that bring benefit to make new business quick to create and adjustable how he wants.
  • If a company fail to success, he can easily find new job.
  • SNS is a big key to share fast and actual information of way of success, solution of the problem, hiring talented engineer among ventures.

It is not about to succeed or not, it is about to challenge or not.

He makes me think that there is no time to stand still, do not think too much, take action!

I have negative images about venture capital, money making, competitive,etc…but it is totally  wrong shallow-minded image!

Most of them have strong desire to make our life better and happy, they have to find out what we want and provide us innovative service like draemon pocket in our society.

I am not a kind of person to  start new business,,, but his book taught me how it is important to have a strong will to make one dream come true, need  sincere personality and strategy to get strong the support funding and team.

it must be such a great feeling when they make their dream come true…





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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。