200 km Biwako cycling trip!


Hello! Biggest lake in Japan!

After complete walking Camino, I felt like conquer the world trekking road or cycling road.
Travel by walking or cycling gives me more satisfaction than going to those places by human made high- tech vehicle.
I think it will be my new style of the trip, even though I use a car or public transportation, the destination would be somewhere I can feel great nature.

Anyway, me and my partner Keita started our journey from Kusatsu train station.
PETA lives in Minami Kusatsu but I have to rent a bike at Kusatsu station, he cycled to there and we met up.
It was very dangerous choice to hire public mama- chari for this long cycling. It is not made for long athletic ride, but for the convenient city use for the people…
The rental bike man told me that he can’t take responsibility if I had a flat tire on the way,,, but he kindly helped me to maintain the bicycle before I start.

Anyway, we started our journey! Yeah!
Did you know that when you go cycling,

  • clockwise is good for the island
  • anti-clockwise is good for the lake

….It just work for Japanese road rule!


beautiful yellow flower on side walk,,,,who could imagine to have an big accident after this peaceful road…

Suddenly, my mama chari tire burst on the way made a big noise!
We had expected but it was still shocking event on the middle of the reclaimed land…Luckly, we got a help from the old farmer we met at farmers market. He took us and our bike to his cow shed and offered us to fix temporary until we find the bike shop in next village!

He is the man!


Oumi Gyu cowshed, we did never imagine that the old man who helped us was the farmer of the one of the three delicious beef in Japan!

In conclusion, he could not fix the hall, it was way to big for the emergency repairing tool….

Then, he offered us to rend his K- track and told us to go to the bike shop by car!
I could not believe that he would rend the strangers his important car!

PETA worked hard to drive manual car, and we managed to get a new tire!
….We spent 3.4 hours for this accident, but thank you so much old man!


nice flat view after passing Hikone city

Even though we were behind our plan, we had a nap break beside the lake…hahaha


Northern part of lake Biwako is very quiet and peaceful. You can feel the atmosphere of Japanese traditional countryside.

Biwako shows us many different nature in each side. We passed nice fishing and waters ports area and came up to quiet north.


After getting through the tunnel, beautiful site of the lake appeared in front of us! It is a fiord shaped lake side surrounded by great forest.

PETA ‘s bike is in danger of flat time!?
Come on, no more burst for today!


Yeah we made it to our accommodation! …Sorry it is a next day,,,we could not make it before sunset,,,but it is very nice view from the room.

Finally, we arrived to the hotel of the day! Woo, most of the shops are closing down, we had convenience store ramen and sweets, yum.


Dutch wind mill in Shiga prefecture? It is fancy but very wired, even the origin of this does not use it anymore,,, lupin flower was beautiful!

Nice break area for bikers.


Very interesting muraokoshi village

It is created by local stone company. I found it is funny that they set up gorgeous 3 stone maps on one street, every 30ms…very kind village.
Full of Love to stone!


Renovated old Japanese house into gallery and cafe etc…Feel like time travelled to the olden days.

PETA’s toilet time ★★


See you Takamatsu shi again! Heading down to the goal!

I can see many Shiga ppl got together and had BBQ or camping beside the lake.
It is symbol of Shiga and people live and love the lake so much…very nice!
North Biwako was very beautiful, transparent clear water. It seems like a calm beach, it is that big!


Tadaima! Biwako ohashi!….We are heading directly down to the goal, after one hour nap in front of you and public!lol

The poem contains the care and love and appreciation of the lake.


Finally we came down bottom of the lake, Otsu- shi! Ramen is treat for us, we deserve it!

I’m not ramen person, but this one was amazingly delicious!

Good work our butt, haha finish 200km cycling around Biwako!

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フリーランス料理人林直子です。NZへの留学経験から、和食や寿司が世界中の人を喜ばせることを体験し、料理人を志す。 広島、金沢の日本料理、寿司割烹のお店で修行。 全国各地、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、ギリシャで就業経験を経て、フリーランスの料理人になる。 各地の食材を生かした料理を作りながら、ケータリング、合宿料理、野外イベントなどで料理を振る舞う。レシピ開発や、SNS運用も承ります。 趣味は、キャンプ、登山、ウクレレ、各地の混浴露天風呂温泉めぐり。

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    フリーランス料理人林直子です。NZへの留学経験から、和食や寿司が世界中の人を喜ばせることを体験し、料理人を志す。 広島、金沢の日本料理、寿司割烹のお店で修行。 全国各地、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド、ギリシャで就業経験を経て、フリーランスの料理人になる。 各地の食材を生かした料理を作りながら、ケータリング、合宿料理、野外イベントなどで料理を振る舞う。レシピ開発や、SNS運用も承ります。 趣味は、キャンプ、登山、ウクレレ、各地の混浴露天風呂温泉めぐり。