6th Fluctuating weather |( ̄3 ̄)|

6th day

There was a frost on top of the hills this morning. It was very cold morning, walking helped warming up my body.
Last 13km (actually 17km!) was the hardest part of the walk today. It was all gradual up hill and I had a hailstorm on the way.
It was such a strange weather, stop snowing and falling went on and off so I had to change the layer of my cloth and the hood. Time by time, the hail got smaller or normal moisture snow… I could not look up because it could hurts my eyes, so i had to walk looking down all the way… it was a first mountain I had to get over. I felt that 3 hours like forever last.
So i felt so happy and relieved when the village appeared in front of me.
I was planning to stay at the.first village after the mountain. But i decided to walk to the next village with Chez and Spanish gentlemen. I met them on the first part of the mountain when they were having a party in snow! They asked me to join them, very generous and friendly had a lot of experience of walk on Camino.

They made a reservation in a private albergue in next village so I also stayed there at their roofyard.
It was such a incredible space, I always wished to have my own garret but it never happen. Finally I got huge one in Spain! That is a big open space for the pilgrims but there are nobody else staying that day.

At the hostel we had a dinner together with local red wine which were produced in Najele where I walked through the day before yesterday. The Spanish mama’s traditional garlic soup was so yummy.

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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。


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キャンプとアウトドア好きな料理人。 キャンプしながら、世界中の食材を・採・食・料理します。 今年は、日本全国、海外を周って、寿司と、お好み焼きのイベントをします。 webライター/ 世界渡航30カ国 /心も身体も健康なリトリートを開きたい。 一緒に面白い事をやる人募集中。